The founder of Babline, Giancarlo Mozzini, began his career in the early ' 80s working as a silversmith. In time, he opened his own workshop and with his focus on jewelry, began creating very unique designs to be offered throughout Italy. Given the high demand and new trends in recent years, Giancarlo realized he needed to come up with new ideas using alternative materials to stay in line with the changing market. Using the latest technology and professional software (3DESIGN CAD), he began drawing, designing and producing and came up with a new thermo rubber, interchangeable watch band. Thermo rubber, a very flexible and lightweight material, is similar to latex but is much lighter and very durable. These thermo rubber watch bands come in an array of different colors and are interchangeable, using the color of your choice with the same watch face. In addition, these watches are versatile, fashionable and fun ~ hang it around your neck like a clock necklace, pass it through your pant loop and watch the band change colors or for a more classic look, simply wear it around your wrist. Given the success of this project, Giancarlo decided to expand the line of accessories (still available in all colors) using different materials such as silicone, rubber and steel. By doing so, he has been fortunate enough to work with such specialized companies that use compression molding and injection molding to manufacture the steel molds needed for the rubber, thermoset rubber and silicone, and in turn, with this experience, designs and manufactures prototypes for other companies as well.


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